Wants! Wants! Wants!^_^

Just a list of few of my wants at the moment^_^ please contact me if you are selling/know where to find these guys!:-)


Shiny beast trio(grail!)

Smoochum pokedoll

Swampert pokedoll

Salamence pokedoll

Phanpy DX pokedoll

Metagross pokedoll

Plush plush, let me know if you have any not already on my obtained list^_^
Obtained: Pichu, Celebi, Totodile, chikorita, bulbasaur, oddish, wobuffet


Sceptile Zukan

Milotic zukan(GRAIL)

Kingler zukan(loooong time want I keep missing the opportunity to buy! Lol)

Nidoking zukan(major want!)

Articuno zukan

Venusaur zukan(major want!)

Shiny kids figures!
Obtained: Groudon, tepig, snivy

Zapdos Zukan (MAJOR WANT X2)


Pokémon star! Any cards welcome!
Obtained: Alakazam

My collection😁

Thought I'd start off with my most oldest and beloved part of my Pokemon collection😁 It's my old starter Pokemon cards which I framed, I used some older cards as the background along with a Japanese wallpaper theme I found☺️ Forgive me for the lighting and quality of the picture😅

Hi there!😄😊

Hi all!:-) Name's Christos and I'm an avid Pokemon collector:D I'm a fifth year medical student from South Africa hoping to meet some like minded poke crazed collectors like me:D btw I'm in love with the slowpoke family!